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The Need for Activity

The last time I jogged was Tuesday, May 15th. I jogged for 33 minutes for a total of 2.196 miles. Well, a friend of mine had an emergency and is staying with me for a while which has set my workout schedule off. Not really. I just used it as an excuse not to workout. Don't you appreciate my honesty? :) Well, today was the first time I've jogged in a week and my body can tell. I jogged 2.128 miles for a total of 32 minutes; only because I didn't remember I stepped my game up last week to 33. But can I tell you, that week tried it! I mean really tried it! My breathing wasn't as sync and I had to take a deep breath at 1.75 miles. I'm thinking, WTW?!? Then I began to see that inactivity takes a toll on your body. I was down for seven days and my body was like, 'Oh this what we doin'? Now I understand why people worked out on their vacations.

All in all, today was pretty monumental for me. I see that I have to do something every other day if not daily in order to stay active. Even if I wasn't trying to lose a few pounds, I gotta do something to keep this 47-year-old body of mine going. Now I understand why no one wants to grow old. It's because when you get to a certain age, you think you no longer have to be active and when you succumb to that way of thinking, here comes the aches, pains, and fat. Oh, but I have said for years that I'm gonna be hot, even into my 90's and beyond should the Lord tarry. Now I know how to ensure I do. What a day this has been. Who knew I'd get an explanation of why I haven't been able to lose weight and how to grow old gracefully; all in one workout.

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