• Staci Sweet

Using The Wrong Tools

For the black cummin is not threshed with a threshing sledge…’

Isaiah 28:27

What is a threshing sledge? A threshing sledge is an ‘instrument, tool, or piece of equipment used to harvest a crop.’ So let’s say you sowed black cummin seed and its harvest time. If you want to reap a black cummin harvest, you shouldn’t use a threshing sledge.

So what would happen if you went to the field to get the harvest with a threshing sledge? A. You wouldn’t be able to get the black cummin or B. You wouldn’t get as much. You had a tool, but you wouldn’t reap the full harvest. Why? Because you're using the wrong tools.

You sowed your seed, you waited, and it’s time to reap; but you went in the field with the wrong piece of equipment. So since you're using the wrong equipment, you’d receive much less than expected or quite possibly, reap nothing at all. You’d leave that field either thinking it wasn’t God’s will for you to have black cummin, that you’d missed God, or think that the devil was trying to stop you. But in reality, it was God’s will for you to have black cummin;but you didn’t reap because you didn’t have the right equipment.

Many of you have sown considerably into churches or ministries but have failed to see a return. The problem isn’t the devil; the problem is that you don't know how to reap. It’s time for you to receive a harvest on all you’ve sown; all you’ve got to do is get the right tools.

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