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Weaning Our Sons Off Our Prayers

As I mentioned in our last issue, there’s something in black men; in our sons, that have made them a target. Again, the black conspiracist in me believes this is about ‘race’ but the colorless child of God in me knows there’s something devilish behind these attacks. And if I focus on the color of their skin or pay too much attention to the noise of the racial disparities, I realize I could be distracted by the REAL ISSUE which is Someone’s coming.

There’s Someone coming in our sons that if we could just keep them alive, it would solve a lot of the problems today. Because if truth be told, the problem isn’t ‘the white man’ or the ‘devil’. The problem is our sons. Wait! Put your pistol up and let me explain. For over two and a half years, I have prayed for the city of Chicago. Every Saturday night at 9:00 pm, I have prayed for Chiraq. Here’s just a few things I prayed;

• That God would protect those that had no idea what awaited them.

• That God would somehow get their attention and cause them to get quiet enough to hear Him divert their outing.

• That God would touch and forgive those that had malice on their minds; that He’d somehow get through to the shooter and cause them to rethink their plans.

• That the person who gave the order for the hit would change their minds.

• That the hit men would have legal opportunities to make money presented to them.

• That God would raise up laborers in Chiraq that could offer jobs to those who had nothing else to do but beat and bleed the blocks.