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What The Bible Says About Evidence

When you read about Jesus’ crucifixion in Matthew 27, there are pieces of evidence all throughout the account, especially in verses 51-54. Let’s start with verses 50 and 51 which reads,

“And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice, and yielded up His spirit. Then, behold, the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom; and the earth quaked, and the rocks were split…"

Let’s stop there.

Jesus was convicted and sentenced to death for the following charges: (1) Criminal Impersonation, (2) Felony Tax Evasion, (3) Destruction of Property and (4) Blasphemy. Criminal Impersonation and Blasphemy were the charges that really led to His death. Now if His defense lawyer were to file a posthumous exoneration lawsuit, the fact that the veil of the temple was torn in two, the earth quaked, and the rocks were split should be proof enough that Jesus was in fact the Son of God. But when you also consider the fact that, ‘…graves were opened; and many bodies …were…coming out of the graves after His resurrection’, you can safely assume that Jesus’ claim of being the Son of God, was in fact, true. However, the courts wouldn’t necessarily take our word for it. But what if an officer was present? What if an officer witnessed these occurrences; would that lead to a posthumous exoneration?

Well, there was an officer present. In fact, a high-ranking officer who’d been with Jesus at the time of His death would be that witness. We know this because verse 54 says,

‘…when the centurion (a high-ranking officer) and those with him, who were guarding Jesus, saw the earthquake and the things that had happened, they feared greatly, saying, “Truly this was the Son of God!”

And though they were now convinced, would that be enough for a favorable decision? Especially since these events occurred after Jesus’ death. In order for Jesus to have a posthumous exoneration, there would have had to be evidence of His identity prior to His death. But did such evidence exist?

In order to prove that there was, you would have to examine the events in light of His life. Were there instances where structural damage occurred to the temple (i.e., the veil of the temple being torn from top to bottom)? Were there any other unusual disturbances in the earth such as earthquakes? Or did rocks have a tendency to split without a 60,000 PSI Waterjet? Unfortunately, not. But there were two instances where people were raised from the dead, the widow of Nain’s son in Luke 7:11-17 and Mary and Martha’s brother, Lazarus, in John 11. Therefore, based on that similarity alone, Jesus’ defense attorney could build a case. But let’s not ignore the fact that Jesus also cast out demons (Mk. 5:1-20), healed the sick (Mt. 4:24), and fed thousands of people with five loaves and two fish (Mt. 14:15-21). Not to mention He turned water into wine (Jn. 2) along with walking on water (Mt. 14:22-33) and speaking to hurricane-like storms (Mk. 4:35-41). During that time, there’d been no other person able to do the things Jesus did. Coupled with what He did before His death and the events that occurred afterward, that would be enough to garner posthumous consideration. But again, we can only go by what happened prior to His death. And even with that, we can still come to the conclusion that Jesus is the Son of God and thereby innocent of all charges. If you're incarcerated, what does that mean to you?

Those verses not only describe circumstantial evidence (i.e., historical events) but physical evidence as well. Veils and rocks are physical evidence which can be tested in a forensic lab. Not only that, but since Jesus also healed the sick, there were medical experts that could testify on behalf of the patients He’d healed. Therefore, there was scientific data available as well. Not to mention, there were several eyewitnesses present each time Jesus turned water to wine, cast out demons, healed the sick, and raised the dead. If God insured that type of evidence for Jesus thousands of years ago, then what do you think He’ll do for you in the age of information, technology, and video surveillance? There’s a person, camera or footage somewhere that can prove you didn’t do it. We just need to believe that God will lead honest detectives, private investigators, and your legal team, to it.

Just like I took the time to search the Bible for scriptures referring to evidence, there are others who will and perhaps are doing the same for you. There is proof of your innocence and if you use these scriptures, others will take the time and locate the evidence needed for you too; only you won’t need a posthumous exoneration.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, there is some thing or someone that can prove my innocence and I am asking that You would lead detectives to it and to them. You provided physical evidence and witnesses for Jesus and I know You’ll provide the DNA, physical evidence, eyewitnesses, data footprint, and surveillance for me. In Jesus’ name.

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In light of the decision to dissolve the board of inquiry for death row inmate Marcellus Williams, we must consider two important things:

1. The board had 6 years, that's 2,190 days, 52,560 minutes to make a recommendation to the Governor.

2. If said board, which consisted of retired judges, received any type of state and/or taxpayer funded compensation for said recommendation, then someone has some splaining to do as to why these individuals failed to provide what they were compensated for.

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