The Do-It-Yourself Guide Out Of Homelessness

The Do-It-Yourself Guide Out Of Homelessness


The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness is a 175-page interactive guide written exclusively for the homeless. It takes readers on a compelling journey of what led to my battle with homelessness. I candidly tell the story of my struggle with promiscuity, instability, and mental illness while transparently sharing what I did to regain my sanity and financial strength, by walking readers back to the people, circumstances, and decisions that led my (and their) demise.


I guide readers to their breakthroughs and a-ha moment’s so that they’re able to take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hard knock life/hood skills and experience into soft business skills; a language that potential employers can understand.


This life-changing action guide comes with a Vision Board, Vision and Resume' Builder, Enrollment Guide with an Educational To-Do List, along with a Confession Card. If you've ever wondered how you can get out of homelessness or if you've ever wanted to do something long-term for the homeless, this guide is for you!


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