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The Do-It-Yourself Guide Out Of Homelessness eBook

The Do-It-Yourself Guide Out Of Homelessness eBook


The Do-It-Yourself Guide out of Homelessness is a 222-page interactive eGuide written exclusively for the homeless that walks readers back in time; to the people, circumstances, and decisions that led to their mental and financial demise while ingeniously helping readers to take ownership of their ugly past by teaching them how to convert their hood skills and experiences into money-making soft business skills; a language that potential employers and future clients can understand. This life-changing, powerful, interactive call-to-action guide is a must-read for the 564,000 people living in homelessness and for the nonprofits and federal agencies serving them today.


This powerful, interactive guide will teach you...


  • How to come to terms and understand why you’re homeless

  • Expose the holy homelessness myth and disprove the belief that Jesus was homeless and requires you to be. #Hewasnt

  • Provide you with tips on how you can fight your way off the streets

  • Help you to translate your hood skills into soft business skills

  • Help you dream again by helping you create a pocket-sized Vision Board

  • Help you map out God’s plan for your life

  • Help you get out of mental, spiritual, and financial poverty and into your own place and purpose, and…

  • Get you to the point where you understand you getting out of homelessness isn’t just about you, but also for those on the streets or locked up who need to hear how you made it out so that they can too.


This life-changing action guide comes with a Vision Board, Vision and Resume' Builder, Enrollment Guide with an Educational To-Do List, along with a Confession Card. If you've ever wondered how you can get out of homelessness or if you've ever wanted to do something long-term for the homeless, this guide is for you!


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Contributor: Christian A Sweet

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