What 19 Years of No Sex and Being Alone With God Taught Me

What 19 Years of No Sex Taught Me


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Before I became a Certified Wait Coach™, I worked in performance management. Apart of my responsibility included managing a multimillion-dollar servicing portfolio along with monitoring and evaluating the performance of some 50+ direct reports which often included coaching and if need be, corrective action. That experience, combined with my former sexual addiction, led me to start my wait coaching practice.

Wait Coaching is specialized support coaching for women of faith desiring to retire from the game of sex. Yep! You read that right. Church going, Bible quoting, note taking, choir singing, faithful Bible Study attending, single women of faith are still having sex. Of course they know its wrong but how can you leave a highly pleasurable sex life? That's where I come in. As a former sex addict, I understand the difficulty of leaving a highly pleasurable and profitable sex life. But after 19 years of sexual abstinence, I also understand what it takes to temporarily retire from the game of sex. And just as Financial Advisors 'use their knowledge and expertise to construct personalized financial plans for their clients,' as your Wait Coach, I'll do the same. Only I'll help you set sexual goals, standards, and prepare a well-planned temporary exit strategy from the game of sex; all while holding you accountable for your sexual behavior.

Along with my award-winning professional experience, I've also authored a wait book for women entitled, ‘Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life During, Before, and the Aftermath of Sex’, two hard-hitting books for singles entitled, ‘Girl, Get Your Mind Right’ and ‘Girl, Get Ready: Your Future Husband is Coming!’, and a prayer guide entitled, ‘118 Bite-Sized Prayers for Future Wives’. I've also served as an Abstinence Workshop Facilitator, written Outercourse Education Curriculum for parents along with a companion playbook for tweens and teens entitled, ‘Girl, You’re Not Ready!’  


In addition to all that and coupled with 18 years of sexual abstinence, I had the opportunity to observe and study couples both in and out of the Word. I also gained an appreciation for men, understand the dynamics of how to treat an alpha male and obtained a level of sexual mastery that most Sex Counselors, Therapists and Dating Coaches don't have. My no-nonsense coaching approach coupled with my faith-based arsenal of spiritually dope books provides the accountability you'll need to plan your sexual sabbatical so that you can leave a swipe right type of life!

So why does your podcast need a faith-based sex education episode?

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