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2nd Selfie Ever

Hey there! You know what I decided to do...take a picture. I know that sounds silly, but I don't do pics. In fact, this is my second selfie...E-V-E-R. #frfr And what's even more weird is that this is the first pic I've taken in probably years. Yep! Years. Why you might wonder? One, because I am VERY PRIVATE. I'm not much for attention. Hence, this explains why I've been celibate for 15 years. Oh, I forgot, you didn't know that about me. Well, I told you I was private. Besides, I wrote a book about my celibacy journey, 'Real Sex Issues: Real Talk About Life Before, During, and After Sex.' But back to my thick girl journey. Here recently, in my prayer time, God let me know that I need to come out of the shadows and into the light. My invisible days are over but He's been so patient with me so that I can do it at my own pace. So without any further adieu, here goes.

Yeah, I know you can't see much, but that's the point. I'm letting you see what I want you see. I know it's not much of a selfie, but its me coming out of my cocoon. Peaking out of my bubble and doing slow motion and the same is true for your weight loss. Your thick girl weight loss journey doesn't have to be the same as everybody elses. I see so many pics of folk in the gym, flexin'; showing pics of water bottles and plates. That's good and all. But sometimes you need to just ease in that thang. Your weight loss journey ain't everybody's business. But there will come a time when folk will need to see who you're becoming and its for that reason that I'm posting this pic. It's small strides y'all that make a difference. Me posting this pic is a huge stride for ya girl. Hope it inspires you to do the same.

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