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AB-CD is the Goal

I absolutely adore my curves. Seriously. And as such, this time, instead of trying to lose weight, I'm going to work on accentuating those curves. Yep. I'm going to Big Girl Body Shape. Body Shaping is usually for skinny chicks or those trying to bulk up. It's when a Personal Trainer tells a booty-less person to do extra squats, in order to get a little junk. I've decided to take it to a new level and embrace my hips, thighs, and buttocks. Keep the thickness but tone it up. Compliment my slimlike waist with a flat tummy. That way when I look at myself from the side, instead of always thinking, 'If only I could lose that stomach', it'll be that the stomach is gone. You know what I mean?

Long gone are the days of wanting to be 120lbs. While that would be nice...real nice (in my Bernie Mac voice), it is no longer my goal. Why not enjoy the fact that I'm that (in my Mr. Hotspot voice)! And why don't you? Instead of making some far off weight loss goal of 25, 50, or 100 pounds, why don't we accentuate and work on one area at a time? Preferably, our bellies. But here's the thing. I'm not here to provide fitness tips. No ma'am, that's not my call. My assignment is to encourage and inspire you to find your own ab-cd workout. Yes, that's right. For now, we have abcd's! But that's okay. We are going to lose that d and work our way to the c; even if it takes two years. So you with me? Good! Now go find you an ab workout that works for your body type.

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