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Abomination by way of Animation


Before I moved in with relatives, my niece would visit my home and I’d notice she’d say things like; ‘Aunty, I’m making a potion’ or ‘I got powers Aunty!” At the time, I’d think “Where is she getting this mess?” But during my four month stay, I soon found out where she’d gotten her fascination for ‘potions and powers.’

Because I slept in her bedroom, we had the opportunity to spend quality time together, doing the things she enjoyed; one of which is to watch television. I’d flip on the set all under the pretense of watching some corny, childish television show and end up having to turn the channel. Why? Because many of the shows characters were putting curses on their classmates, performing rituals to gods, casting spells, or transforming into animals or vampires. Some even gave instructions on how to meditate, speak to the gods, make potions, use wands, perform magic and practice witchcraft all while glorifying wizardry.