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Celebrating 30 Seconds!

I added 30 seconds to my workout today. 30 whole seconds#ayeayeaye

I know you might be thinking, 'So what?' But I've learned that you have to celebrate the small victories along the way. Even the tinny, tiny ones when it comes to working out. Remember in my post, 'No More Comin' Round That Mountain', that I mentioned how Joyce Meyer, bestselling Author and televangelist, said people are salty because they don't take the time to set goals and enjoy their small victories along the way; so they watch, hate and shade those that do. No, she didn't say it that way but that's the way I took it. Anywho...we have to take the time to celebrate one extra minute on the treadmill or thirty seconds of jogging because usually we celebrate when we see the before and after.

We've all been on the Gram and seen a before pic of a thick chick and was like, 'Wud? You go girl!' Then kept scrolling thinking, 'I wish that was me.' But it can be, if you'd start. Just start girl. And when you add an extra squat, rep or few seconds to your workout, celebrate it. Don't matter if folk think you're crazy or not. Quiet as it's kept, they think you special anyway because you're so thick. So why not give 'em something to be positively salty about? I'm telling you, this weight loss thing doesn't have to be as technical and scientific as most would make it out to be. Lose your weight your way. Just be sure to celebrate the little you's along the way. 

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