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Changing the Color of His Voice

About three months ago my son; a 25-year-old, wrongfully convicted felon, took a position at Telvista, a Latin owned outsourcing call center. At first, he was excited. He harped about the facilities and quality of training he was receiving. But suddenly, that excitement soon morphed into discouragement and it’s because of his tone. Each day, either his white female Supervisor who has a fetish for black men or his black female Supervisor who can never be pleased, monitors his calls. And though each agree that he effectively does his job; day after day, they each continue to complain about his ‘tone’.

Each time we’d talk, I’d tell him that his superiors weren’t used to being around ‘real men’. I tried to excuse the situation to the fact that perhaps these women were accustomed to working with ‘feminine’ or white men. But it seems each day, though they consistently dangle ‘opportunities’ for leadership in his face; they simultaneously degrade and discourage him all for the sake of his ‘tone’.