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Chasing Our Old Bodies

I was watching an interview on the Megyn Kelly show of swimsuit model Mia Kang when something she said got me to thinking. She said that she felt like the fashion industry made her feel like she needed to keep her 17-year-old body at 27. She said that she'd stopped eating solid foods for several years and it had gotten to the point where her body was fighting back. When I heard that I realized that our bodies do the same. Her body was telling her it was time for her to let it grow into the stunning 27-year-old model that she was. Most in that industry continue to stunt their growth, but the courage it took for her to no longer resist what her body intended was eye-opening for me.

I realized that God intended for our bodies to develop over time. We thought after a woman has her period she stops growing. And though true, we still have some developing to do; even into old age. But when you think about it, we've all tried to do what Mia did. In fact, its for that reason that we all chase our old bodies. I'm 47 and I'm still reminded of my 32-year-old body.

It's like we all want our old bodies back. But when you think about it, no one would force a 9-year-old to keep their 4-year-old body and neither would we demand that a 2-year-old go back to infancy. Yet we chase our old bodies with that same delusion in mind. #notmeanymore Here recently I've embraced my curves. Though I'd like to lose my gut, I'm liking my fluffiness and this wagon I'm draggin'. Thank you Mia for helping this make sense. I think I'm gonna let that old body dream go and embrace and be thankful for the body I have. All 220 lbs of it. #ilikeme #stillgonnaloseweighttho

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