• Staci Sweet


REAL ISSUE: What’s wrong with complaining?

‘nor complain, as some of them also complained, and were destroyed by the destroyer.’ I Corinthians 10:10


According to scripture, when ‘some of them complained’, they ‘were destroyed by the destroyer.’ Destroy means ‘to perish’ or ‘lose’. Thus when you complain, ‘loss’ will occur. But what will you lose? The grace needed to overcome in that situation.

Why? Because when you complain you are speaking the destroyer’s language and thus invoking his ability to work in your life. What you complain about will begin to work against you because you are now directing his words toward that object, person, or situation and not God’s word. And without God’s word, there will be no grace available to ensure victory over whatever or whomever brought about the situation in the first place.

Whenever there’s an opportunity to complain, ask God for grace not to.


Ask God to begin to reveal to you the subtleties of complaining. Ask Him to bring it to your attention every time you complain and then pray for grace.

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