• Staci Sweet

Economic Revelations


While reading the text for my Macroeconomics course, the Spirit of the Lord revealed something interesting to me. It was while reading the definition of counter-cyclical fiscal policy that I began to understand our macro economic system. The government borrows money from other nations or corporations in order to spend money to create programs that are to supposed stimulate the economy and it works like this.

The government creates programs, such as the Urban Revitalization or the Urban Renewal Program. This program was created so that deteriorated neighborhoods could be rebuilt or rehabilitated by private developers or investors. The investors then receive incentives by the local municipalities. The incentive comes in the form of payments or tax breaks to the investor.

This incentive is the result of a program created by the government for the purpose of giving investors a reason to invest. Once the investors invest, then those businesses will need to hire. Those new employees that were hired by those incentivized investors are now consuming or spending their hard earned cash which is now stimulating the economy.

Thus consumption or the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) increases because the programs the government created for the incentivized investors is working. Now both consumer consumption and business investments are increasing, therefore the government continues to create or support more ‘programs’ for investors. Now investors are investing again, but not really; because though they are spending or investing their money, they are both profiting from their spending and being paid to spend by what we’ve already established as incentives.

The investors’ employees are not only spending but paying the government taxes from their wages in addition to paying state sales tax. Thus the government will receive those taxes to supposedly pay off the debt (deficit) they borrowed from other nations or corporations. Given that the program worked, the government repeats the cycle; only to borrow beyond their means because in order for full repayment to occur or for the government to get totally out of debt, the entire nation would have to be at full employment. WOW!

As opposed to shunning the government, white, or corporate America, one should get in the game, so to speak. Diligently seek out investment opportunities and research incentives and programs supported by this former Classical, counter-cyclical Keynesian, and Neoclassical economic system and not remain ignorant of the financial opportunities readily available today. But where do you begin?

How would I, as an unemployed African-American woman and part time student who has lived well below the national poverty level for the last seven (7) years get in the game? I seek God first. Won’t you join me?


Ask God to forgive us of our financial ignorance and begin to seek out opportunities to educate ourselves. Listen to and feed our spirits on Biblical Prosperity.

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