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Enemy Parties

While taking communion this morning, a portion of Psalm 23, dropped into my heart. It says, ‘You prepare a table before me.’ When I saw that, I began to see a few things that I pray will help you today.

  • Since the Lord prepared the table, He will provide you with the direction you need to locate it. Psalm 23:1-3 speaks about the Lord’s leading. Therefore, He will lead you to the table of assignments, opportunities, investments, awards, recognition, and financial rewards that have been uniquely prepared for you. He'll also provide you with specific instructions on what to do once you get there.

  • Just because you feel stuck, don’t get in a hurry. The Lord needs you to ‘lie down’ and rest so that He can restore your soul (mind, will, and emotions) for what’s to come. (Ps. 23:2,3)

  • Much like you would with a fine dining establishment, you have a reservation – waiting for you. Therefore, you won’t have to schmooze and finagle to get on the list.

  • This table is 'before you'; meaning it’s in your future, not your past. Therefore, the mistakes, failure, sin, and shame of your past, have no place at this table. There’s a certain etiquette that must be adhered to; which means, don’t bring any of your uncouth way thinking to this place.

  • But you must also know that the place that has been reserved for you is ‘in the presence of your enemies’; meaning they will be there. Therefore, whenever you locate your enemies, recognize that’s where your party will take place.

Enemy Invitations

Usually people don’t invite their enemies to their parties. God does. So, don’t be alarmed or try to exit the opportunity because you see them there. And this is what I so love about God. The fact that He simultaneously prepares your table while your enemies were planning your starvation, proves how awesome He is. The fact that those who lied, hurt, deceived, mistreated, plotted, planned, rerouted, and attempted to lead you away from your place, will now have to watch you eat from a table that God Himself prepared; only proves how patient and powerful He is. So while you eat, remember to thank God for what He’s prepared. That’s right. Get your praise on – in the presence of your enemies! After you’ve eaten and enjoyed what God’s prepared, walk away knowing that even though they’ll continue to pursue you, His ‘goodness and mercy’ are following you too!

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I ask You to help me to locate the table You've prepared for me. Show me how to be led by Your Spirit so that I can recognize my table. Then Lord please teach me how to eat and enjoy what You’ve so graciously prepared for me – in the presence of my enemy’s. In Jesus’ name.

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