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Exercise For My Body Type

So I'm scrolling through the Gram, on @Goodful by the way, in search of some healthy recipes and I come across an exercise clip. In it, are several - in shape - people, exercising. I don't know, but am I the only one that thinks in shape people shouldn't be able to tell me how to move my body; especially when theirs doesn't work the same way as mine? I mean sure, you're lean and limber. A burpee is perfect for you. But for all this thickness, I'mma need you to hold up, wait a minute and give me the remixed version. I mean sure, I should listen to you. But let's keep it one hunid. Have you ever had a weight problem? No, I mean a serious weight problem? If not, then I'mma need you to have several seats because you can't possibly understand what I need. On second thought, maybe you could, but I ain't taking no chances. I need a workout video with someone who has hips and big ole thighs. Not firm thighs. Let me see a little cottage cheese so that I can see what I could look like if I kept doing what you're doing. Until then, sit down skinny chick and stop spittin' in them folks faces. #thinkingoutloud

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