• Staci Sweet

Faux Fasts

Again with the forgiveness but I haven't been faithful to this blog which we'll go into reasons later but...Good news!  Since I started my walking routine at the house, I've lost 5 whole pounds!  Yep, sure did and guess what?  I didn't stop eating certain foods or nothin'! (Excuse my English)  I simply walked/ran for one hour at least 5 days a week.


It's time to step my game up.  Jentezen Franklin, Senior Pastor of Free Chapel Church in Gainesville, Ga always has a 21-day fast at the beginning of the year.  Well, this year I'm going to do it again only this time its not going to be just a fast but a lifestyle.  Oh, I'm not doing the all-out-no-food-fast; now sweetie.  FYI: I've done a 40-day fast and several no-food-faux-fast in my time. 

Faux Fast

What's a faux fast?  One that's without the direction of the Lord and afterwards usually leads to weight gain. Why would I say that fasting led to my weight gain?  Because when I was a baby Christian, I was trying to prove how spir-it-u-ale (I know its spelled wrong) I was and as a result, I trained by body to believe that it wouldn't get fed; so both my body and mind went into survivor mode.  To this day I have to remind myself that I can eat WHENEVER I want.  But I said all that to say, don't fast unless you're led by the Holy Spirit.  So I'm doing a partial Daniel Fast; which if you're overweight and in the same financial situation I'm in - you should probably prayerfully consider doing. I mean living off of $200 worth of stamps and doing a partial fast is going to be something to both see and experience.  Won't you join me? Twenty one days here I come.......