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Figuring Out

There are some mornings when I'd rather grab a big bowl of Dynobites®, the no brand name, knock-off version of Cocoa Pebbles®, and binge watch the news all morning. Then there are other mornings, when I do the right thing, get my thick butt on the treadmill and do what-a-girls-gotta-do. After working out I've noticed that my mind is more alert, focused and I'm clear. I feel vibrant, creative, and feel like doin' something with my life. But why didn't I already know this? Why did it take me riding this weight loss roller coaster for over 27 years to realize that exercising is actually good for my mind?

To keep it 100, I think its because I'm smart. I don't say that out of pride, but I am. I have to be because my ability to think quickly is apart of my call; of why God created me and is apart of His purpose for my life. My mental strength is a grace which means I can take no credit. With that being said, I don't flock to mental exercises, IQ tests and other activities that stimulate the brain or challenge the intellect. I just embrace my God-given brilliance, in all the humility I can muster, and accept the fact that I have a wonderful mind. Having said that, if I'm so smart, why haven't I figured out a way to keep this weight off? Just thinking out loud.

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