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Forgiving Vice President Biden

The third night of the Democratic National Convention was historic! Not only did Senator Kamala Harris give her acceptance speech as the Vice-Presidential candidate, but God allowed me to experience how white supremist felt about it.

It all started while listening to President Obama’s endorsement. As he spoke, the Spirit of God revealed that Mr. Biden SERVED as his Vice President first. That's like Elisha serving under Elijah. And though I thought I understood the dynamic of that, I failed to realize that the man who architected HR 3355 SERVED under a BLACK president.

The man that helped write one of the most damaging pieces of legislation for Black people served under a Black man for eight years. I didn't know that then and up until this past weekend, I hated him for it. This past weekend I saw how God was now giving him an opportunity to redeem himself from his legacy of mass incarceration.