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Healthcare Professionals and Laying Hands on COVID-19 Patients

In our last issue, we discovered that it is possible not to be infected with the Coronavirus. We found out that if we “take up serpents…it will by no means hurt [us].’ In the same way it’s possible to be bitten and injected with a snake’s deadly venom, it’s also possible to take up or touch something or someone infected with the Coronavirus and walk away uninfected. But how is that possible? Because Jesus did.

Remember, back in His day, leprosy was considered contagious. Those infected had to live on the outskirts of town in what was known as leper colonies. This would be similar to the separate wards, tents and/or other facilities such hotels and arenas, that serve as pop up hospitals or places to treat COVID-19 patients. In Matthew 8, Jesus encountered such a patient to which ‘…[He] put out His hand and touched [the infected patient]...and immediately his leprosy was cleansed.’ In Luke 4:36, 37 we also find Him visiting Peter, whose mother-in-law, ‘…was si