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For Mothers With Adult Sons

On June 28, 2010, I was awakened at 4:47am by the slamming of the bathroom door. As I lay there, I overhead my son sniffling and immediately my heart sank; so I prayed. When I went to him, he was on his side, with his hands cupped under his cheeks, looking heartbroken. In that moment, I remembered how the day before while cleaning his room, I ran across some poetry he’d written and in it he described how hurt he was. While he lay there, the Holy Spirit, through me, ministered to my son. I gave him his Bible and opened it and noticed he’d already begun to read it because he’d dated it the day before. In that moment I thought, ‘Wow! How quickly God works!

That same morning, the Spirit of the Lord gave me 4 verses of scriptures to stand on for my son; Romans 5:3-5, Romans 15:13, Hebrews 11:1, and Romans 8:24, 25. After I read each scripture, I didn’t know the Lord was giving me something to live off of for the next few years.

My purpose for sharing my story in this series is that if you know someone who has adult children who seem stuck, unfulfilled, not serving God the way they should, or seem to not be living the life you envisioned, I pray my story, of how God is yet working in both me and my 22-year-old son empowers and equips you to know that there is hope. Enjoy!