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How To Immerse Your Soul

read an article yesterday about a man of God, a televangelist, whom God used to teach me about the kingdom when I first gave my life to Christ; Bishop Eddie L. Long. Of late, he’d been involved in a scandal that rocked his congregation and sent his marriage into turmoil. Though I don’t know the specifics of the scandal, when I read that he’d been diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastrointestinal Cancer, I knew he had to be struggling in his thoughts; in that, he had to have questioned if the allegations and all his transgressions had led to this. Instead of scrutinizing the man of God, I was led to pray. While interceding, I kept thinking about his soul; his mind, will, and emotions. What he must be thinking and how his body must be responding to his thoughts. Then God reminded me of Psalm 41:4, ‘Lord, be merciful to me; heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.’

Soul Immersion

In times of grave medical reports, you need to know that not only does your body need to be healed, but so does your soul. This is because your mind wants to understand how and why this happened. The best way to address those questions can be found in 3 John 2 which says, ‘…that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.’ Therefore, just as your mind prospers or increases, so will your health. The way you increase your mind is to study. When most are diagnosed with a terminal disease, they study the disease in an effort to best understand the treatments. But you don’t need to understand the disease, you need to understand healing. And you do so by immersing yourself on nothing but biblical healing teachings. It’s commonly referred to as Immersion Learning.

This is done when a pupil immerses themselves into a particular subject for the sake of learning. For instance, if you wanted to learn Mandarin, the best way would be to move to China and become immersed in the culture. You’d do this by working for a Mandarin company, patronizing Chinese businesses and eating nothing but Chinese food. Thus, your immersion forces you to learn the language. The same is true for healing. You immerse yourself by way of studying, listening, watching, confessing, and talking about NOTHING but healing. A great example of this can be found in a testimony I once heard Dr. Creflo Dollar, Senior Pastor of World Changers Church International, share when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He said once he realized that it wasn’t just about him being sick or having a disease; but that he was under attack and that his very life was at stake, he knew he had to immerse. He didn’t listen to or talk about anything but healing. And this is because he had to become a serious student and learn how to speak the language of God which is faith. Faith says that even though your body may be telling you that you’re sick, God's Word says you’re healed; which is why he continued to feed his spirit on what God said in the face of the symptoms and pain he was experiencing. You must do the same.

Stop Reasoning and Start Repenting

The way to know if you’re successful in your immersion is that you’ll begin to see yourself healed. Though it may not be quickly evidenced in your body, you’re covering the ground of your mind with God’s Word which over time will uproot the pain and eventually the disease itself. Undoubtedly, like Bishop Long, there will be times when you question if your actions led to the disease. Quite honestly, you might not want to know the answer to that. But know this; whatever you may or may not have done does not affect your ability to be healed. Neither does it determine whether or not God will heal you. What determines that is whether you repent or not.

David confessed his sin when he said, ‘Lord, be merciful to me…for I have sinned against You.’ And as opposed to wondering if the allegations against Bishop Long are true, what sin David committed or why this happened to you, focus on the fact that David acknowledged it and sought repentance and so should you. Don’t let your mind and intellect, get you caught up in technicalities, legalities, and the why’s. Simply repent and allow God’s Word to give your soul the answers it needs. Because remember, whether you’re healed or not doesn’t depend on whether it’s God’s will to heal. If He didn’t want you healed, He would have never sent His Son, Jesus, to ‘carry your pains’ or ‘be wounded for’ whatever you think you did to bring about the disease. (Isa 53:4, 5) No, instead of analyzing, debating, critiquing, and wondering why you’re sick, simply repent, get in the Word and immerse on the fact that God said by Jesus’ stripes you are already healed. Already means right now! Your body just needs time to catch up with and get in alignment with God’s will and what He has already made available for you. You’re only job now is not to study cures but to immerse on healing. So let me give you a few tips on how you can. But before I do…

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me for trying to figure out why this sickness came. Lord, I don’t have to know. But I do know that You did not put it on me. I do know that You want me well, so I ask You to immerse me in healing. In Jesus’ name.

Now here’s a few ways to get started…

Ways to Immerse

When you wake: Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to pray (in the Spirit) and confess your healing scriptures. This is actually taking your spiritual medication.

Getting ready for work: Listen to faith-building healing teachings or music while you shower and get dressed.

If you take public transit: Read your Bible or listen to healing teachings on your device.

Commuting To Work: Listen to faith-building teachings. According to the U.S. Census Bureau2, the average American spends at least 100 hours commuting to work. You can obtain an Associate’s degree in less than 67 hours. Just think if you used this time to build yourself up in the Word.

At your workstation: Keep your healing scriptures in your desk drawer or as a screensaver so that you can see them every time you open it and if allowed, continue to listen to faith based teachings or music.

On your break: Take a prayer walk or go to your car for those 15 minutes and just be quiet.

Social Media: The time spent checking Facebook®, Instagram® or Twitter®, devote to immersing.

On your lunch: Read your Bible, take another prayer walk, or go to your car and listen to teachings. Get with a co-worker who’s a believer and just fellowship.

While you’re in the grocery store, gym, or at your child’s practice: Put your headphones on and listen.

In your kitchen: Keep a scripture God has put on your heart on the refrigerator door and say it out loud while preparing your meals.

While you’re preparing your meals: Put your laptop in the kitchen and listen to teachings while you cook.

In your bathroom: Read one of Bro. Kenneth E Hagin’s books on healing.

After you get home from work: Instead of reaching for the remote, take a moment to pray, watch or other healing teachings or just be quiet. When putting your children to bed: Read them a biblical bedtime story. While you’re cleaning the house: Listen to worship music. Go to bed: At least twenty minutes earlier and read the Word out loud. You don’t have to read several chapters, but at least one a day. Or write in your journal of what the Lord did that day. Or go to and purchase one of Bro. Kenneth E Hagin’s books on healing and read a chapter every night. Or pray and just be still: Do this without any television or music going. And everyone can do this one… When you lay down: Listen to a faith-building teachings on healings and allow the Word of God to feed your spirit while you sleep.

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