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Infiltrating Giants

On February 19th, I scheduled a bundle install with Time Warner Cable and was told the appointment had been scheduled for Wednesday, February 24th. The following day, I felt led to confirm the appointment and was told it was nonexistent; to which I was rescheduled for Thursday, February 25th between 8 – 9am. The installer arrived at 7:15am. An hour later, I received a call from their Communications Department at 8 something, confirming the installer would arrive between 8 – 9am. WTW? The installer walked the apartment and informed my son, he’d be unable to do his job because my supposed cable ready apartment wasn’t in fact cable ready. Therefore, a contractor would have to run a wire who’d arrive at about 10am the next day. That contractor arrived at about 5:15pm and because my son had to leave, the contractor said he would climb on top of the roof and scourer down through my balcony and do the work. Thereafter, I heard nothing. I called Sunday, February 28th to follow up and was told that they would finish the work in a couple of days; to which I called Tuesday night, March 1st and was told that my order had been cancelled. Thereafter, they had to replace my original order for Tuesday, March 8th. WTW? After being on the phone for well over an hour trying to resolve the issue; seemingly to no avail, I hung up feeling defeated. Though I didn’t verbally assault the representative, I was indignant because I had to let the enemy and whoever he is using know that they were not going to take advantage of me which brings me to 2 Corinthians 2:11.

‘lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.’

Advantage is when someone tries ‘to outwit or trick’ another person because that person is ignorant; ‘lacks certain facts.’ And because they do, they continue to make mistakes and err due to their lack of understanding. Because of my experience working as a Work From Home Customer Care Associate for Neiman Marcus, I have learned the power a customer wields. They have the ability to be treated with exemplary customer service while receiving their heart’s desire. And as such, it’s taught me to expect and if need be, demand the same. And as such, last night’s ‘polite rant’, for lack of a better word, was indeed a righteous indignation because as I told the rep; this isn’t about a $300 gift card that you now say I can’t receive; this is about you rectifying your mistake and more importantly, customer satisfaction.

Well, this morning, Wednesday March 2nd, another rep called to reschedule the original appointment from which I had to reschedule last night. WTW? This time, I’d had about enough, so I politely commenced to let the rep know that they are giants in the communications industry. And as such their communications game should be A1 from day one. No, I didn’t tell her like that, but when I said ‘giants in the communications industry’, she felt me. I then proceeded to tell her that even though they were; somehow I’d gotten through the cracks; as it seemed as if they were unable to communicate between themselves about my issue. At the time I didn’t see it. But after reading 2 Corinthians 2:11, I see how apropos my statement was. Though Time Warner is a communications giant, my issue had somehow gotten through – undetected - and had infiltrated their system. Essentially, I was like the spider in Proverbs 30:28 that had gotten into the kings palace; a place he ought not be. My technical issue was like the stone God gave David, a seemingly informidable opponent, to penetrate a giants head. Somehow God was using what the enemy meant for evil to work to my advantage. That while the Villas and Time Warner thought they were outwitting me, He was in fact infiltrating their systems with spiders.

And the same is true for you. There are some giants in your way that seem to be getting the best of you, but in reality, God is strategically positioning you into places where your giants won’t be able to communicate. God showed me that like Goliath, even a communications giant can fall. Even though my service is yet to be installed, the fact that the giant was unable to communicate amongst themselves about my issue gave me hope as I hope it does for you. God is causing our giants to fall y'all and is infiltrating even the best of them to our advantage.

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