• Staci Sweet

It Might Not Be Rejection

In yesterday’s issue, we talked about the difference between rejection and not being chosen. If you’re like me, when you think about not being chosen for something, you think about not being selected but not being chosen ISN'T the same as not being selected. Rejection and selection are similar in comparison but only because rejection occurs in the selection process.

Just because you weren't selected doesn't mean you aren't chosen.

A perfect example of this is in the hiring process. Companies post a job opportunity with a list of required and preferred qualifications, education and skills in which qualified applicants are encouraged to apply. Should an applicant meet the required qualifications, they move forward. If an applicant has both the required AND preferred qualifications, they are contacted by a recruiter who then interviews and determines whether the applicant is now in the running for the position. Hence, becoming a candidate. But candidacy is different from applicancy. Anybody can apply for a position for which they aren’t qualified but only qualified applicants have the potential of becoming candidates. Depending upon how well a qualified applicant does on an interview, determines if he or she is added to a list of qualified candidates hired for the position or whether they receive an offer. If for some reason, a candidate with all the required and preferred qualifications IS NOT SELECTED, that's when the candidate receives a rejection notification. And though they weren’t selected for the position, it doesn’t mean they weren’t chosen. So what’s the difference?

Being Selected vs Being Chosen

As mentioned in yesterday’s REAL ISSUE, Justus wasnt chosen as the 12th apostle but it wasn’t because the apostles didn’t select him. It was because God didn’t call him to be an apostle. He wasn’t created to operate and function in that particular office. And though he wasn’t, that didn’t stop him from operating with the 11 gifts of the spirit (1 Cor 12:8-10) while possibly operating in one of the four other ministry offices (i.e., Teacher, Prophet, Pastor, Evangelist). Thus, the difference between being selected and not being chosen is that you may not have been created to operate and or function in that particular position. But there is a position in which You were created and will be chosen for. If you received a rejection notification, don’t add it to your list of life rejections. God is the Creator of the universe which means, if there’s not a position for you in someone else's company, God will create one or give you the wherewithal to start your own business. How do I know?

Because I had rejection issues. After being wrongfully terminated and blackballed from the collections industry, I went years without even so much as an interview. It was so bad that I couldn’t get a job at McDonald’s - and I applied in both Texas and in Florida. But that didn’t stop God from teaching me graphic design and anointing me to author several books. But even with the dozens upon dozens of failed interviews and hundreds of applications and rejection letters I endured, God didn’t let me give up. Through it all, Je kept reminding me that I was chosen to be a solo and authorpreneur, and perhaps the same is true for you. Don’t let those rejection letters get to you. The next time you apply just remember they’re not rejecting you. You just weren’t created for that position.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, I have applied for so many positions and thought I would always be rejected. Thank You for showing me that it wasn’t me they rejected but I wasn’t created for that position. Thank You for leading me to the right position or into the business and/or ministry You created me to be. In Jesus’ name.

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