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Jesus Came To See and Experience

Have you ever experienced one of those moments when you were in a position to hear from God and needed to hear from God about a certain thing, but He spoke to You about something else? Yeah. I just had one of those moments. I was sitting on my couch when I saw why Jesus came. Like WHY He came.

I saw Jesus on earth being, working, thinking, and living like us – just to see and EXPERIENCE, firsthand, how Satan treats us.

Jesus came…TO SEE FOR HIMSELF…how Satan does us. Not going to say for no other reason because there were, but Jesus had to see and experience the torment, torture and all the evil, wicked and vile things the enemy does – and had gotten away with…until He hit the planet.

For Jesus to come – HIMSELF - and live on earth – HIMSELF - as the Son of God, the Son of the Most High God…just to see and experience what we go through was nothing but LOVE!

That statement was almost too weighty to write.

It’s kind of like when someone says somebody is messing with them, but nobody believes them because there’s no proof. Or when someone attacks you while no one is looking, and you try to tell someone what they did but they don’t believe you because they didn’t see it. Jesus BELIEVED THEM BOTH! Not only believed them but He saw them and even went so far as to put Himself in a position to be messed with, to be disrespected, to be done wrong, to be bullied just so He could EXPERIENCE what they went through for the sole purpose of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! My God!!!

Jesus walked the earth so that He could see CLOSE UP, and experience FIRST-HAND what Satan was doing to mankind. He saw and experienced it – Himself - so that Satan can never say I was lying, or you were lying about what he did because JESUS SAW AND EXPERIENCED IT HIMSELF.

In fact, Jesus lived His entire life with that on His mind. Seeing the loss and devastation, feeling the pain and trauma, being among the people and laying hands on the sick, seeing demons control people and casting them out, seeing people die before they’d finished their purpose and raising them from the dead. Jesus saw ALL OF THAT…Himself. And not only did He see it, but HE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So, the next time you think something is impossible or that your enemy won’t get caught, think again. Jesus saw and experienced what you’re going through and if you’ll pray in the Spirit, He’ll show you how exactly what to do to experience victory!

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