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Led by Love

I once saw a video of a toddler, walking through a supermarket with her mother. As I watched, I must admit, I was a little perturbed. That’s because I’m very protective; especially when it comes to children. When my son was that age, whenever we went in public, I always held his hand. If I didn’t, he was always within arms-length. So, when I saw this baby, who couldn’t have been older than two, waddling through the store, my protector kicked in. But then, I could tell God was trying to show me something. When I put my protector up, I could tell that this baby was being led by something or shall I say Someone.

Though she could barely walk, I watched as she wobbled and waved. It seemed as if the ones who were open to Whomever was leading her, would wave back. She tried to wave at others, but they acted if they didn’t see her. She even went so far as to give one woman a hug. Immediately, my protector kicked in and I was like, ‘I wouldn’t let my baby go up to a stranger and do that.’ But then I remembered that God was trying to show me something, so I put my judgment in my pocket and continued to watch. As I did, I was amazed because it seemed as if that baby knew the woman needed a hug. So, she first waved to see if she was open to receive one, and when she did, the child grabbed her neck and held on tight. It was then that I understood what the Lord wanted me to see.

That baby was being led. Led by the Holy Spirit and more importantly, led by love. The love of God was leading her to people who needed to be loved on. Those who were somewhat open to receive, received a wave of His love. For those who were open for more, got to experience His touch.

God will always send His love, healing, comfort, peace, wisdom, grace, and opportunities to those who are open to receive it. Some eagerly embrace it, while others ignore it. I challenge you today, don’t ignore those who God uses to love on you. Don’t be so protective of your heart that you miss an opportunity for God to love on and give you what you need today.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please help me to not miss an opportunity to be loved on by You. And more importantly, Lord, please help me to be open to love on whomever You send my way. In Jesus’ name.

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