• Staci Sweet

Looking Like Everybody Else

I was reading an article by Founder of Empowering Everyday Women Ministries, Diana Hobbs, about how God miraculously placed a uvula in her daughter’s throat some eleven years ago and I was reminded of my own childhood miracle.

I was diagnosed with Stage III cancer at the age of five and had my eye removed before my sixth birthday. When my mother was preparing for the worse of me possibly having to read Braille; God had another plan in mind. For the last thirty six years I’ve not worn glasses and I can see both distances and up close considerably well; considering I’m legally blind. In addition, I hear better than most people on the planet; my best friend frequently tells me that I have dog ears.

I said all that to say that when I read her story, I was reminded of my present situation. I’ve recently moved to another state and am in financial straits; to say the least. But after reading that article, I was reminded of how even though I’m legally blind, God taught me how to live and excel with just one eye. What most call a ‘disability’, God gave me an ability to see things most miss. In fact, I see details some people with two and four eyes fail to see.

But it was on today that I had to remind myself that even though I may be in this, like He so faithfully did with my sight, He’ll do with my finances. So let me encourage and remind you of the same. Just because your eye, body, children and life doesn’t look like everyone else’s, don’t count them or yourself out. God will work with and around any and everything you give Him. He’ll give you an ability to go through that thing until it and you don’t look the same. You may not look or live like most, but know that you serve the Most High.

Pray this with me…Heavenly Father, thank You for what You’re doing in my life. My life may not look like everybody else’s, but I know You’re working this thang out for me. Lord, remind me of Your goodness. Show me the little things I’ve missed and help me to be more thankful for how my life looks and will look in the future. In Jesus’ name.

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