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Marcus Lamb

Today was a somber day. Marcus Lamb died today. #marcuslamb. The man God used to found Daystar, ‘the second largest Christian television network in the world.’ [1] The network I was watching when I gave my life to the Lord on December 23, 1998. We lost that Marcus Lamb today.

After reading of his death on the Gram, I scoured the internet in search of more information as to how he died and what I found was deplorable. One headline read,

“Christian Television Network Founder and Preacher Marcus Lamb, Who Discouraged Vaccinations, Dies After Being Hospitalized for COVID.”

And guess who it’s written by? Carma Hassan. Carma. #smh

Another headline read, “March Lamb, Head of Televangelist Network That Spreads Covid Misinformation, Dies of Covid-19”, and it’s written by none other than Li Cohen. Li and as in lie. #wtw

As I continued to swipe, I noticed that the articles focused more on his disbelief than the fact that the Christian community suffered a major blow.

You see Marcus Lamb wasn’t JUST a television broadcaster; he was a father in the faith.

‘For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ…you do not have many fathers…- 1 Corinthians 4:15

He wasn’t just a businessman. He was given an anointing for television broadcasting to ensure that the gospel of Jesus Christ reached millions of homes around the world. This man singlehandedly insured that entire nations - who prior to his coming, had no television reception. But by installing satellites, third world countries now receive Christian television programming in their homes. Yet on the day of his death, he’s merely being referred to as the television network founder who didn’t believe in vaccinations. And though I don’t share his beliefs, he had his right to his. And while the world will remember him as the television broadcaster who didn’t believe in the vaccine, they have no idea that we lost a general. A general’s general. Mr. Lamb was a general in the faith because of how God used him to rescue millions of us out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

Today we lost someone of utmost spiritual importance. And while some will mock, I had to ensure that I said my peace because this man and his family will forever hold a special place in my heart. #resteasyMrLamb #youwillbemissed #salute

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