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No More Walks of Shame

So, today I had a few errands to run and decided to do my morning walk while I was at it. Remember, when I told you that the message I heard about not being ashamed of gospel also applied to me not being ashamed of my body? Well, instead of trying to wear a loose fitting blouse, I put on a modest, form-fitting top with my cargo shorts and went about my business. Usually, I examine my side view in the mirror before leaving. After which, my usual comment is, 'Girl, if you loose that stomach, you'll be right.' But not this morning. I admired the view and went to walking. I noticed that as I did I wasn't self-conscious, constantly tugging on my top or trying to suck in my stomach. I just let it go. Not worried about nothing and nobody and I must say, I feel liberated.  If you would have asked me if I was ashamed of my body before, I probably would have told you no. But after receiving the Word, I now know that deep down I was. And I encourage you to ask yourself the same question? If you are, then re-read my last two posts, 'Body Shaming and Big Girls' and 'The Guilt of Dietary Transgressions.' Hopefully, you'll get a revelation that if God's not ashamed of your body, you shouldn't be either.

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