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  • Staci Sweet

No Room For The Plus-Sized

So, I’ve recently started to work on my exit strategy. No longer am I talking or thinking about it, it’s time to put feet to this thing. I’m ready to start doing what I was created to do - full-time. And though I admire @IAmSteveHarvey, bestselling author of ‘Jump: Take the Leap of Faith toAchieve Your Life of Abundance’, I refuse to. That’s because I’ve felt froggy three times before and each leap led me into homelessness. So, this time, at 47, I’m being more strategic. Slowly preparing myself to write full-time. I’ve even cut my hours. Instead of working 40 hours a week, I work 37.5. The remaining time I call seed. Get it. ‘…seedtime and harvest.’ (Genesis 8:22) Yep, each week I dedicate those 2.5 hours (or more) towards working in the field; diligently working on several books, writing posts for my blogs and now, I’m venturing into freelancing.

An Upwork Leap®

I recently registered with Upwork®; ‘the world's largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work1.’ Only they won’t let me work. In the words of @DJ Khaled, ‘They don’t want me to be great.’ That’s because when I submitted my profile for review my headline read, ‘Curvy Plus Size Blogger’, while my description said, 

Need someone who can challenge your astute plus-size readers while simultaneously keep-it- one hundred with the thick chicks who flock to your blog? Because if that’s you, then I’m your Curvy Blogger. I understand the complexities of your brand. You’re a Lifestyle Blog who needs someone who has a refreshing take on simple subjects like health, fitness, beauty and fashion while at the same time being able to tackle tough topics like weight discrimination, size settling, and faith and sexuality. Though you want to you ensure your readers walk away with life-changing a-ha moments, you’re also practical which means you also want to be assured that each post is filled with content-rich keywords that’ll boost your SEO while simultaneously generating the hearts, likes, followers, shares, subscribers, and more importantly, the sales your brilliant brand needs. If that’s you, nice to meet you. My name is Staci and I’m ready to blog for you.

I know its not perfect, but it gets to the heart of what I do. And if you’re seeking a plus-size blogger, come from the plus-size community, or are a curvaceous woman yourself, then you get it. But apparently, the folks at Upwork® didn’t. Which is understandable, so I included:

Current retail customer service associate for foremost high-end retailer. Certified Life Coach and Author specializing in Singles Issues.Bridal, Food, Lifestyle, and Life Coaching Blogger Expertise in social media management for small business owners to include Life, Personal Development and Executive Business Coaches. Experienced also in Call Center and Performance Management, Real Estate Certified with Mortgage Banking Coursework.

When you combine the two, its not hard to ascertain that I’m a sister with a business background. No, I’m not a degreed professional, but I can do my thing. But again, the good folks at Upwork® thought otherwise because I received the following response:

In case you couldn’t see it, it reads, ‘We’ve reviewed your profile and currently our marketplace doesn’t have opportunities for your area of expertise.’ Oh, you mean the area of the plus-size fashion; who by the way is a 10 billion dollar a year industry2 according to IBIS World? Oh, that are, yeah right.