• Staci Sweet

Nothing Just Happens

For much of my adult life, I thought that coincidences really existed, accidents do happen and that life just gets the best of us. However, since I have become a serious student of the Word and have spiritually matured in the things of God, I find that ideology far from the truth. I am now an avid believer in the fact that ‘Nothing Just Happens.’ I believe that if we’ll spend quality time in prayer, in the Word and in His presence, we’ll always be prepared. But how can I be so sure? Look at the life of Jesus. Let’s look at one poignant moment in His life and see if He was.

In the 22nd chapter of Luke, we find the Lord instructing the disciples to go to a particular place and prepare for the Passover. How did He know where to send them? God told Him. After He and His disciples arrive, Jesus tells them that He will be betrayed. How did He know that? God told Him. Shortly thereafter, He tells Peter that he will deny Him three times. Where did He get that piece of intel? God told Him. Now I ask, if Jesus knew that He’d be betrayed and denied by two men He’d spent three years mentoring; why is it so impossible for us to know what’s going on in ours? Am I saying that we’re supposed to know the day, hour, and particulars? Absolutely not! But if we’d spend as much time with God as we do on social media, then we wouldn't be shocked when things ‘mysteriously’ pop up. Again, nothing just happens! We serve a good God and as such, He always forewarns and prepares His people. The problem is that we’ve ignored Him. We stopped when He told us to keep going. We made a U because we saw someone else make that turn and now our lives are in the ditch. We wreck ourselves and explain it away as ‘God’s will’ or that it ‘happened for a reason’; it did, and the reason is we didn’t do what God was leading us to. If we’d have done what we were sensing in our hearts, we wouldn’t be stuck. We wouldn’t be bitter because of all the devilish attacks - us and our children are now experiencing.

Hosea 4:6 says, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because you have rejected knowledge.' It’s not that we didn’t know what to do, we rejected what He told us to do which answers the question 'Why do bad things happen to good people?' It's because good people ignore God. I’ll say it again, nothing just happens! And pardon my French, but Satan’s not that cold. He can’t just 'kick doe' and wreak havoc just because he wants to. But that’s how it feels when ‘things happen.’ It feels like we were blindsided because the big bad devil did his thing. Chile please! The devil wish he could. But he so enjoys the fact that we hold him in higher esteem than we do God. We believe more in Satan’s ability to hurt us than in God's ability to keep us. I repeat. Nothing just happens. God always forewarns and prepares His people. We’ve just got to spend more time executing and doing what we’ve already been prepared to do.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me when I ignored what You were leading me to do. Please forgive that I’ve spent more time on social media than I do with You. I’m sorry that I believed in Satan’s ability to harm me, more than in Your ability to keep me. Lord, I ask that You’d renew my mind. Help me to make the time to spend with You so that I’ll be prepared for what You want to happen as opposed to just letting life happen. In Jesus’ name.

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