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President Putin’s Unthankfulness

I saw a video this morning that read, “Putin Addresses Next Generation Fighters.” Immediately, I knew that Mr. Putin was preparing to use nuclear weapons and not prepare as if he's bluffing. But prepared as in he’s fully aware of the consequences. He knows that with his threat comes NATO and other nuclear empowered nations. He. Knows. That. He’s been patiently preparing for this for years but even more so, over the past few months as he sees the shifting of power change, he knows that his way of doing things has come to an end. Old money no longer runs the world. New money does. And Mr. Putin's old money, and the power it once yield has waned...but that's another issue.

As I watched the video, I wondered, “Why would he risk it all for Ukraine?” If he was so concerned about reviving the Russian empire, wouldn’t it be better to attack Kazahstan? But then I was reminded that it's not so much about the land per se, as it is about his insistence that NATO disrespected him by ignoring his “entreaties and requests” (his words, not mine) to not, in essence, encroach on Russian territory. But still, to risk his best power play on Ukraine still had me baffled.

With those questions swirling, I began to watch him more intently because as I listened I knew that he was ready to risk it all, including his life; especially since he’s calling for the next generation of Russian fighters. He knows what he’s saying, and he knows what he’s alluding to.

With this being the 3rd official day of the war, I found myself asking, why can’t he just admit he was wrong? Why can’t he just be human and admit he made a mistake and call his troops back? As a man, he has every right to do that – especially since he is a man’s man. As such, he has the ability to say he was wrong. It’s not as if he’s a woman. I say that because women are thought to be emotional creatures. Illogical. Drama queens and indecisive. If we were to recant or recall our statements or commands, one could blame them on any one of the aforementioned. But as a man, he has a legitimate out, and no one would think otherwise. Yes, people will comment and make fun of his decision but so what? At least at the end of the day he's still in office.

Then I asked myself, “Why can’t he just be thankful?” What does he have to be thankful for, you might ask.

Well, for one, he can be thankful that he's the President of Russia, for starters.

He can also be thankful that he is the leader of:

1. 144.1 million people.

2. That he has 6.612 million miles of Russian land already under his control.

He can be thankful...

3. That he’s already the leader of the largest country in the world by area.

4. That as of 2020, his country has a gross domestic product of 1.483 trillion USD.

He can also be thankful for the fact...

5. That’s he’s been and will be in office longer than any other President in his nation, and around the world.

President Putin has so much to be thankful for, yet he wants more, but way? Simply put, he's unthankful. And this is in no way judging him because perhaps the reason he's so unthankful is because no one has ever been truly thankful for him - not without him having to buy and/or pay for their thankfulness. That's my guess, who knows. But as I look at his life, I can see so much he should be thankful for.

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