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Rebellious Adults

One day, I was having a conversation with my son about our job; as we both work for the same high-end luxury department store. He was explaining how he wasn’t following the call order process because he felt like it wasn’t him. He felt as if the micro-managerial techniques were ineffective as they left him feeling as if he was less than a man. As I began to ponder his concerns, I had to make sure there was some validity to what he was saying. After careful consideration, I realized I too had encountered many who were very offensive, counterproductive, and not sensitive to the culture and gender differences that come with the business terrain. But then I also realized how stubborn, proud, and ignorant he was being. I tried to explain that he needed to learn the process and then make it work for his personality. Of course, he wouldn’t listen. He even made the statement that if he had to, he would walk away. In that moment, God showed me myself as I hope He will do the same for you.

I realized that my son’s approach to the process, is considered rebellion in God’s eyes. And before you, I or his Team Manager start pointing fingers, we all need to see it from God’s perspective. This is because, like my son, we all have attempted to do things ‘our way.’ And when we do, we rebel against His processes. In that when He tells us to do something a particular way and we do it our own way, we too become rebellious. He told us to do it a certain way and at certain time, to which we decided we were going to do it our own way and whenever we got around to it. Take for instance where you are. If you’re honest, then you’ll admit, there was something you knew God wanted you to do; whether it was to start your own business, go back to school, or not quit the job you had. There was something that He told you to do that you flat out decided you wouldn’t, which more than likely involved you quitting. Quitting the job or ceasing to do it their way; both of which led to your financial demise.

And this is the point. Sometimes, God asks us to work for people who are horrible leaders. Though their processes may be counterproductive, if they didn’t hire you to consult, then your job is to do it their way. Yes, they shouldn’t be in those positions and yes they are abusing their authority but don’t quit. Follow their process