• Staci Sweet

S-Mothering Our Sons! (Pt. 6)

As I stated in the last issue, when I finally realized I was getting in God’s way of making my son into the man He wanted, I was able to see exactly what I shouldn’t be doing. I had to stop cleaning his room, washing his clothes, and even cooking for him. He had to learn to do those things for himself. It didn’t happen overnight. I started small by not cleaning his room. That was a big one for me because I have to have a clean house so for a while, I’d disobey the Lord and use the excuse, ‘Well, I’ll clean his room because I don’t want my house dirty!’ Big mistake – don’t do it! If it’s dirty, leave it! I’d use the same excuse when I washed; I’d say, ‘Well, if I don’t wash his clothes with mine, I won’t have a full load and I don’t want to waste money!’ Yeah right! If he wants to walk around in front of those chic’s he’s trying to pull with dirty draws (excuse me, underwear) because he’s waiting on you to wash them – let him! I don’t buy cigarettes or give him money and trust me this is huge because he’s my only child; so telling him no is like refusing an offer from the mob! But like I said, it didn’t happen overnight but after almost three years later, I’m seeing the fruit and God’s work in his life. Mothers, just by not doing the simple things, you’ll help your sons. My son doesn’t have children so maybe for you, you can say no sometimes to babysitting your grand babies when he wants to hit the streets. Whatever it is, know that you’ve got to get of their way in order not to get God’s! Start small, but know that the little you do, the Lord will honor in your son. YOUR ASSIGNMENT Take the 7 Day MLSBM Challenge! The MLSBM Challenge is the ‘Mothers Letting Sons Be Men Challenge.’ In this challenge, for the next 7 days, you will be asked not to do a particular activity for your adult sons; be it babysitting, giving him money, or washing his clothes. For the next 7days, post your progress daily in the comments section or on twitter using #MLSBM and let us know what you did! But until then, pray this with me... Heavenly Father, please help me to say no to my son. Show me Lord where I’ve gotten in Your way and as You do, by Your grace, I’ll get out and stay out of Your way. In Jesus’ name. Copyright © 2013 Real Issues Ministries®. All rights reserved.