• Staci Sweet

Sacrificing Sleep

One morning I was abruptly awakened at 1 something. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I took the opportunity to work on a project and read a chapter out of my Bible. Because this wasn’t my usual ‘get up’ time, it threw me off for my usual morning devotional.

I said all that to say this: that experience helped me to understand why people have a hard time spending time with God in the morning. It’s because when you put anything BEFORE Him such as working, social media, sex, or anyone else and THEN try to spend time with Him – the pressure of the day starts to hit. You start thinking about what you’ve got to do which tries to pressure you out of spending time with God.

I had to settle it in my heart that I was going to spend my usual minimum time in the Word of God - even when my schedule and the pressure of the day tried to talk me out of it.

You’re going to have to intentionally make time for God; even to point where you sacrifice some sleep to do it. Make a deliberate decision to give up a little sleep each morning; even if it’s just five or ten minutes. God will receive the time you could have been sleeping as a sacrifice and will honor you throughout the day because of it. Sweetie, God’s so good that He’ll even accept sleep as a sacrifice and bless you because of it! What a good God we serve!

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