• Staci Sweet

Sometimes It Takes A Long Time To Receive

So I still haven’t gotten over Delia Knox’s story. And as I continue to go over it in my mind, I wondered, why it took twenty-two years for her to walk again. As I meditated on it, it was revealed that sometimes it takes that long to receive. I know that sounds strange, because as Christians we tend to believe that God can do anything, anywhere, at anytime for anyone. And you know what, that’s true. But just because you believe that He can, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can receive it.

Faith Takes Time Take your children for instance. As a parent, you see the potential in your child. You see gifts, talents and traits in them that you know – with time – they’ll grow into. But as of today, that green smokin’, disrespectful, C student isn’t acting like what you see. That’s because it’s going to take time for them to grow into their potential. The same is true with our faith. Just because Delia wanted to walk and believed God could make her walk, didn’t mean she had the faith to receive her healing. It took twenty-two years for her to get to the point where she could see herself walk again. As Christians, the thing we need to realize is that life takes time and we’re still growing; and as such, so does our faith. Romans 1:17 says that ‘the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith’ which means that faith is a progression and as such, it too requires time. You didn’t go from your mother’s womb to the treadmill; you first learned to crawl and that crawl soon morphed into a wobbly walk. And such is life and faith. God created us to grow and growth takes time. And just as it took years for us to grow and mature as adults, sometimes it takes years for us to grow in our faith; to get to the point where we can receive what we're believing for. Though we live in a microwave, drive thru, touch screen, at your fingertips, I want it now, readily accessible and convenient world – life takes time. So don't get discouraged! Perhaps you’ve been believing months; even years for some things to happen. That’s okay! Because it’s taken all those years for you to get to the point - in your faith - where you honestly believe and can actually receive what you've been praying for. Get ready! Your time is vastly approaching.