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Soul Prosperity


As I previously stated, how would I, as a 41-year-old, unemployed African-American woman and part time student who has lived well below the national poverty level for the last seven (7) years get in the game? I seek God first. Well for the last year, the Spirit of the Lord had impressed me to study prosperity. I thought I already knew all I needed to know about it. I mean I knew God wanted me to prosper and I knew I didn’t have the money to be prosperous; so anytime I felt as if the Lord wanted me to actually study the subject of prosperity, I wouldn’t because I thought I already knew.

But because I have not held a full-time job in over five years (really since 2002), I finally became convinced that something was wrong. (That’s another issue!) It wasn’t until I was sleeping in my niece’s bedroom with my 21-year-old son, at my stepmothers home that I knew - I mean really knew that something was wrong; but what? I hadn’t been obedient. I mean I was busy doing the works of trying to get prosperity; sending out thousands of resumes, completing hundreds of applications, going on numerous interviews, starting small businesses, going back to school to get my degree, and lest I forget I was a faithful tither and gave offerings when I really had nothing to give. But I had failed to obey and do what I had been told to do; which was actually study prosperity.

So on Thursday, September 15th, 2011, I wrote this in my journal:

I haven’t been able to prosper – get out of this situation because MY SOUL was not prosperous. I had not been feeding my soul on PROSPERITY so I’ve been weak in this area.

At that time I had begun to study Bro. Keith Moore’s teaching on ‘Prosperity Proven.’ In it, through the scriptures, he establishes and proves prosperity is the will of God and walks you through how God prospered the patriarchs. After hearing his teaching, I then realized I had been living well-below the national poverty level because I had not prospered in my soul. Though I heard other preachers preach out of their prosperous soul about it and listened to secular teachers teach from their prosperous souls how to be rich, I hadn’t prospered in my own.

I encourage you to do the same but let me preface this by reminding you that before I started studying prosperity, I realized I had been disobedient. Therefore, I had to study obedience to the point that I actually became obedient. (Hebrews 5:8) From there, I transitioned into prosperity. Don’t jump the gun and study prosperity while you’re in disobedience. Go back and re-read my issues on Obedience. Then come back here when you’re ready to become prosperous. (Dt. 28)


If someone you know has been unemployed or lived on section 8, food stamps, and government assistance for years, get this teaching to them. Print a copy and take it to them or forward them this email. Be sure to take them this entire ECONOMIC REVELATIONS series but also the OBEDIENCE series as well. You may not need it but you know someone who does.


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