• Staci Sweet

Stop Interrupting Men

Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives,when they observe your chaste conduct (conversation) accompanied by fear.’ (1 Peter 3:1,2)

So just what is a chaste conversation? It's one that's modest and pure. The thing I want to point out is that it refers to how a wife is to speak to her husband. Not only that, but it also points out how she wins him over; ‘without a word’ which is what she doesn’t say. And though this verse addresses wives; for us single ladies, it also speaks to us as future wives. Why? Because now is when you should be preparing for how you speak to your soon-to-be.But you know what I’ve noticed? So many women run men off with their mouths. How?By interrupting them.A man can’t even complete a sentence without you butting in, taking over the conversation; which a man interprets as taking control.And no realman is going to let you control a conversation; let alone the relationship.Oh, I know the strong, independent, feminist in you probably wants to pop me in mine; but be honest.Of the women you know, how many have you seen interrupt their own men? My point exactly.

Do You Interrupt God? But what about you? Take for instance your father, son, brothers, uncle, cousins, male co-workers and friends. Do you let them finish what they have to say without interrupting? Do they actually get to finish their statement, pause and then look at you to see if you have something to say or do you jump in, mid-sentence? If the latter describes you; then girlfriend, you have a problem. How so? Because when you interrupt someone, what you're really saying is, ‘Look, what I have to say is more important, so why don't you shut up?’ I bring this to your attention ladies only because if you interrupt people, then you probably interrupt God. When He's giving you instruction, answering your prayers, or correcting you, if you're already in the habit of interrupting others, then chances are, you're where you're at in life because you've failed to listen to all of God's plan. Practice Makes Perfect

If you’re single, you’ve got to start preparing yourself now for your future husband. And a part of that preparation includes practicing submission; which includes submitting your mouth. You do this by practicing the ‘without a word’ portion of 1 Peter 3:1 with the men in your life; by holding your tongue, waiting, and actually letting them complete their thoughts; even if the conversation is heated and you have something important to say. Because if you don’t practice now, it’ll be too late when your soon-to-be finds you. et that be one of the things he adores about you and that’s the fact that you let him speak and complete his sentences. Practice waiting eagerly to savor every word that falls from his lips. Let his friends and family see how much you respect him, his thoughts, and what he has to say; so much so, that you don't have to put your two cents in afterwards. That ladies is better than food. I know they say a way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. But you’ll never get to fix him a meal if you don’t get control of that mouth of yours.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me. I know that if I interrupt people, then I probably interrupt You. So Lord, I repent for the times You were speaking and I butted in. Please teach me how to listen and let You and others speak. In Jesus’ name.

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