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Temporarily Stopping My High-Intensity-For-a-Big-Girl-Workout

Hey. I mean hey there! I'm a little sheepish because I haven't posted since July 9th. Oh, I've been working out since then. But since that time, I slowly stopped my intensity. In fact, on August 1st, I'd gotten up to up to 2.393 miles and even got to 2.5 miles on August 3rd. 

But since August 3rd, my workouts have slowly deteriorated. Though I didn't stop all together, because I kept walking to do my errands, but even that was down to a light stroll. I haven't actually worked, worked out since August 3rd. And for that my dear readers, I apologize. That the bad news.

The good news is that I stopped eating sugar and meat. I decided that September would be my NO month. So might be wondering how that's going. Well, I replaced the sugar with sugar free which means I bought some sugar free fruit and chocolate popsicles. Then I went vegan. NO, I'm not vegan, vegan; meaning, I still get my dairy on. But I haven't eaten any meat since August 31st. But get this, I hadn't really been working out since August 3rd and I started my NO month this month and guess how much I weigh? 220lbs! What? Yep! During the time I wasn't working out, which would have been part of July and all of August, I had gotten up to 235lbs. 2-3-5. So me doing this no sugar and no meat thing has gotten me down 15lbs - without exercise. I shouldn't say without working out because I did get my light stroll on 2 to 3 times a week. But 15 pounds. Man I feel like I'm a size 12 right now. But that's not why I'm writing today.

I'm writing to say don't quit. If you're like me you peak, stop, and have to repeat. Not anymore. The quitter in me is dead. I'm not going to quit fighting this battle of the bulge and neither should you. So what if you aren't doing your high intensity for a big-girl workout anymore. Do a so-what-I'm-thick-and-I'm finna walk slow on y'all boys workout instead. But again, don't quit. You've got time, just don't waste it condemning yourself. Just be sure to do one little thing regularly during those down moments when you want to quit. And remember, big or slim thick, you still rock.

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