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The Answer You Don't Want

If you haven’t already, you should read my last post entitled, ‘Direction, Signs, and Restrooms.’ It’ll help you keep up with this one, because after that encounter at MegaFest™, I started asking myself some hard questions. As I brought them to God, I saw that when we ask Him for an answer, there is still a decision to be made. Ordinarily, you’d think that His answer was the decision, but not so. Without going into details, God answered my prayer, but it wasn’t the answer I was looking for and such is life. You see, oftentimes, we ask God a question; but in our hearts, we already know what to do or we want Him to validate what we want to do. We claim we’re ‘looking for answers’, but truthfully, we just want Him to give us the okay. The answer can be right in front of us, but we’ll conveniently overlook it and throw up our hands and say we’re waiting on God. But in reality, He’s waiting on you.

What’s He Waiting on You To Do?

Bust a U and go back to that thing you conveniently overlooked. Or He’s waiting on you to open your eyes, mind, and heart to do something you probably don’t want to. You see, if you’re not willing to even consider going an alternate route, then you’ll mistakenly miss your answer. The DETOUR SIGN would have rerouted you to the next EXIT; meaning the answer to your question required you to turn around and do the thing He was leading you to do a long time ago. But that thing is something you’re not even open to discuss, which means your life will continue to go in the wrong direction because you ignorantly believe that you’re waiting on God. Not ignorant as in ig’nant or unintelligent. You’re ignorant because you ig-nored God. Oh, you didn’t do it intentionally. You just conveniently pretended to innocently overlook what He told you to do. Partly because you thought it or they were irrelevant, insignificant, or corny.

And this can apply to anything. Career, health, finances, even relationships. Ladies, you’ll ignore the fact that God told you to keep your legs closed, while you ig’nantly hook up with ole boy who you know – all-up-in-your-knower – cannot be your husband. And oh sir, lest I forget you. You too will open your heart and wallet to ole girl who won’t fix your plate, let you finish a sentence without interrupting and disrespects you publicly. You’ll continue to have sex with her, even though she’s clearly not the woman God created for you.

And yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is why so many of our lives are jacked up. It’s because we haven’t been willing to do the things we know to do, because within those things lie the answer to why our lives aren't working. Yet we’ll say, we’re waiting on God to send us our husband. How can He when you have somebody else’s in your face? If you really want God to answer you, you have to be open to an answer you would never consider and may not want to do. Remember, after God gives you an answer, there’s still a decision to make. To do or not to do, that is the answer.

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