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  • Staci Sweet

The Conception of Rejection (Part II)

In Part One we discussed that each time men smile and we look away, compliment us and we don’t respond, or speak and we refuse to acknowledge their presence, that we have just sown seeds of rejection and would reap the harvest in our children. Let’s take this further and discuss why most men get rejected in the first place.

Can you imagine how many times a day a man gets rejected in some form or another? Let’s factor out of the equation their race; because it’s known historically that African-American males experience far more rejection than any other race. But let’s consider that any man, regardless of creed or nationality, usually experiences some sort of rejection – daily. But why?

Men don’t greet themselves. Because I grew up in the inner city, I can only speak from what I’ve observed. And from what I’ve seen, both old and young men alike, generally don’t speak or acknowledge one another. If they do, it’s with a grimace or mean mug. When I asked my now 21 year-old son why, he said that it makes them look ‘weak’. What? How could something as simple as speaking to a man make another man “feel weak”?

Yet far too often as a result of those ‘feelings’, we see the cycle perpetuating and men reaping immediate harvests. Because when a man goes out of his way to speak to you and didn’t acknowledge the man standing in front of you, he just got a quick return on his investment. He didn’t speak to the man standing beside you( seed) and you didn’t speak to him (harvest). He got what he invested. He reaped what he sowed. Sow a smile, reap a smile. Sow a nod, reap a nod. Sow nothin’, get nothin’!

Brothers in Christ open your mouths and speak. Acknowledge the man next to you first before you speak to me. YOUR ASSIGNMENT Repent and ask the Lord to forgive you for rejecting and not acknowledging other men. Ask Him to help you speak to other men without feeling weak or vulnerable.

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