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The Exaltation of Judge Kavanaugh

For the last three days, I’ve had the opportunity to watch the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. After watching, I saw WHY God was able to use Mr. Kavanaugh. It’s because he’s meek, humble, and gentle. He defers, remains polite, and treats everyone with respect. As a black woman, that impressed me, and is why I understood why God could trust him with power; judicial power. God trusts him to judge His people which is why He put Mr. Kavanaugh in that position. Though President Trump nominated him, ‘God is the Judge: He puts down one, and exalts another.’ (Ps. 75:7) Though Congress and the President appointed him, God anointed him. Therefore, who can fight or question His decision?

When Nobody Knows

To me, this appointment is from God, and if we, His children will pay attention, we’ll see that it is all God. Whether we agree with it or not, we are witnessing a kingdom moment, to which we should be thankful. I myself, thanked God for allowing me to see Him exalt Judge Kavanaugh to the second highest seat in the land. And I apologized I wasn’t present or had the wherewithal to write about any of my black brethren’s exaltations, with the exception of former President Barack Obama, I am however, spiritually in tune to witness his. But the thing about it, is that God exalted Mr. Kavanaugh long before you or I ever knew who he was. He was exalted in private; in the privacy of his own home and/or life. You and I are only seeing what Mr. Kavanaugh was working on behind the scenes, in the dark. When nobody was watching, paying attention, or knew he’d be a Superior Judge, God knew. God was watching over His baby boy because He made him superior and prepared him to sit in the second most powerful seat in the United States. Because while nobody was watching, Mr. Kavanaugh was spending private time with God, doing his spirit, soul, and heart work thereby enabling him to judge justly. When the world didn’t know Mr. Kavanaugh, God knew because again, he first became superior in GOD, before he ever took the bench.

Privately Proven by God

The good thing about it, is that God does the same thing for us. He’ll work in, for, and through us privately; when no one is watching. When it hurts. When its discouraging. When it seems hopeless and futile, God is there. Watching. Seeing how we’ll respond when the cameras are off, and nobody knows us. Will we too be faithful? Thankfully, Mr. Kavanaugh has proven himself faithful to God in private, which means the scrutiny of the public has no effect on who he’s become in his core; in his inner man where the Spirit of God dwells. So to have to prove himself before Congress wasn’t as stressful as some might think, simply because he’d proven himself to God, and more importantly, God proved Himself to Mr. Kavanaugh. During those anonymous, unseen tough times, God proved that Mr. Kavanaugh could trust Him too which is how he learned how to do what he does so well. It’s because God taught him how to judge, in the absence of judgment. God taught him how to interpret the law, in spite of its many flaws. God, and His precious Holy Spirit of Truth, taught Mr. Kavanaugh how to see the truth, in the absence of truth, and to judge accordingly.

The Impossible Judge

To me, he’s the Impossible Judge. I say that because what he’s accomplished is nothing short of impossible. To have that kind of power, kept his marital integrity, raised brilliant daughters, remained humble while walking in truth down the hallways of justice, is truly a demonstration of the awesomeness of God. To have managed to find of light in the Father of lights while in the midst of docket darkness, proves to me that God can do the impossible. And though you and I may have a difference of opinion about his opinions, I thank God that I had the privilege of learning about the man and his judgments. Again, you might not agree, but one thing we can agree on is his ability to do the job. But then again, neither can we refute his sincerity, humility, honesty and truthfulness. I’ll say it again. I am so thankful I got to see God raise up one of His sons, my brother in Christ. I thank God, in September of 2018, I got to witness an exaltation.

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