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The Hilarity of God


While scrolling through the Gram, I saw a post by the ever-so-funny @iam_cking, a rising and ridiculously funny influencer in whose humor, you can sense the hilarity of God. In his post, he was asking his followers to tag @mtvwildnout so that he could be considered for Wild ‘N Out, a ‘sketch comedy and improv game show’ [1] that appears on both MTV® and VH-1®, and hosted by none other than Nick Cannon. Excited for the opportunity, I immediately tagged them but as soon as I did, I felt a check and knew I’d done something wrong. That’s when I thought about what Wild ‘N Out really is.

Though I must admit, I’ve never watched an entire episode, I have seen clips. And though the cast is predominantly Black and immensely talented, the reason I’ve never watched an entire episode is because the show pokes fun at, degrades, humiliates and embarrasses people from all walks of life…for the sake of comedy. Though it’s changed many Black young comedians, and their families, lives for the better, I’m not a fan. But before you accuse me of being an old Bible thumpin’ hater, allow me to explain why I don’t support this type of comedy.