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The Joy of Tony Baker

On August 3rd, the funniest man on social media, Tony Baker, lost his son, Cerain, in a fatal car crash along with two other beautiful souls, Jaiden Johnson, 20, and Natalee Moghaddam, 19. The news hit hard because I literally go to his page daily to laugh. I will literally step away from my desk and announce I am taking a laugh break and head on over to Tony Baker’s Instagram page. And always without fail, he delivers the much-needed laughter my soul so needed.

In the days following, he would crack jokes in the midst of his grieving. To some, I know this had to be disturbing as they thought how could he joke in a time like this? He would even ask, “Why am I like this?” And for those of you who want to know, I’ll tell you why. It’s because he is full of joy.

When you study joy in the scriptures, you’ll discover that joy is not what most people think joy is. Christians typically think of joy as a sheepish grin plastered on the face of someone having a good time. Others think joy is simply a response. But coming from someone who learned joy the hard way, I can tell you it’s much more than that.