• Staci Sweet

The In Between Grind

I was listening to Steven Furtick, an unusually anointed revelatory Pastor out of North Carolina, this morning when he said something that got me to thinking. He said that even after the prophet Elijah had ravens feed him and after he’d seen a woman go from an unemployed widow to a successful small business owner that he still had doubt. (1 Kings 17) Immediately I thought how. How could Elijah doubt God’s ability after what he’d just seen? How could the disciples doubt Jesus when they’d seen countless healings and witnessed numerous deliverances? For that matter, after all that God has done for me, how could I? How can you? It’s because in between those victorious moments, we walk in the flesh. We don’t remain in faith.

In between refers to the day-to-day grind of life. As we go about our lives, we’ve had the tendency to leave our faith at home, in the room where we spend our time with God or at church where we shouted the victory. Take prayer for instance. I know for me, after coming off my knees, what I ‘feel’ has a tendency to leave. And that’s because, I thought I couldn’t get dressed, or work ’feeling’ that way. But what God showed me, is that it’s not a feeling. It’s an awareness of His presence and power. A knowing, which is possible to walk in throughout the day, in between those victorious moments, because His Holy Spirit lives in me.

Jentezen Franklin, another highly anointed, Pastor used to say, it’s easy to praise God when God closes one door and opens another. But what do you do when its hell in the hallway? As we just found out, in those in between times, we continue to walk in faith; with an awareness and a knowing that He is there with us.

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