• Staci Sweet

The Result of Ignoring God

Back in December, I was involved in an accident.Throughout the day, I had sensed in my spirit that I was to take another bus; but because of the loud and often overcrowded seating conditions, I ignored my spirit and took a more comfortable route. As we turned off Ringling Boulevard, I knew something was about to happen, because at that moment I had Fred Hammond blaring in my ears and I felt the presence of God – strong. As we approached the light, I saw a car alongside and in that moment I knew we were about to be hit. It was as if the driver waited until they saw the bus to hit it and almost simultaneously another car did the same.

As I went soaring in the air, when I landed, the bus driver called dispatch to change frequencies in order to report our collision. Shortly after, a clearly upset officer arrived to the scene and I watched as everyone around did what you do in cases like this; yet no one came to my rescue; seeing as I was the only passenger on the bus. After waiting several minutes, although I could have done like ole boy from ‘Cooley High®’ and run off the bus shouting, ‘Whip flash!’ or like Ezal from the movie ‘Friday®’ and scream, ‘My neck! My neck and my back!’ I chose neither. I simply walked off the bus, gave the officer my information and quietly left the scene – with the officer’s approval and without giving a statement.

Months passed and I received not so much as a call from the bus company to see if I was alright or to get a statement and neither did any of the other involved parties; seeing I was the only witness and the only one who would have justifiably sustained any injuries. No one attempted to contact me until I was subpoenaed.

Yesterday I went to court which I wholeheartedly did not want to do. But I prayed and felt as if I should. I entered the courtroom with a major attitude; but I silently sat in the back and waited for the proceedings to take place. To my left were fifteen or so cocky, white male officers. In the middle, two nonchalant white attorneys and to my right; more white officers who were soon accompanied by two white women; each dawning prideful smirks. The hood in me was turn’t up about my clearly racist surroundings; but because I serve a Jewish Jesus and attend a predominantly white church, I simply kept my big eye on 'em all and prayed silently under my breath.

Soon the white judge came through the door; to which, we all had to stand at his appearing and shortly thereafter, the case was called; to which I had to raise my right hand in the absence of the Bible to which they were referencing, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; but I don’t think they said ‘So help me God!’ The judge commenced to asking questions and then out of nowhere - the defendant’s attorney - motioned for the case to be dismissed and this is where it gets interesting.

The judge continued to hear the case which consisted of (1) the officer’s testimony, (2) the officer’s report, (3) the driver of the other vehicle’s testimony, (4) the bus drivers testimony, (5) my eye witness account, and (6) saw photos from the scene. When he went to make a ruling, he reached for his ‘law books’ and proceeded to search the statute to which this officer had cited; reason being – the defense had motioned for dismissal on grounds that the officer ticketed the defendant for something under Chapter 316 of the State of Florida Uniform Traffic Control Laws; but had in fact, cited the wrong CODE.

After reviewing the books, the judge openly rebuked the officer and told him that he should have cited her for improper lane change and another ‘catch all’ statute; but because the officer failed to do so, the case was dismissed. Even though the judge had all of the aforementioned, heard the truth, and KNEW that the officer had failed to know the codes; of which, he was being paid to know and had sworn to enforce. Justice had clearly not prevailed because of a mere technicality.

As an intercessor, I’m always looking for opportunities to pray and invite God to change the situation and I ask that you'd join me. Let's pray corporately that the right statutes and codes will be used and that truth would prevail. But more importantly, learn from my disobedience. If I’d have listened when my spirit was telling me to catch another bus, I would have never been in that accident to start with and the same thing is happening to so many people today. They aren’t listening or are ignoring their spirit which is trying to warn them of things like ‘take another bus’, or ‘go another way home’. God is always trying to protect us - we've just got to listen and obey.

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