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The Some-Thing or Some-Body Excuse

About five months ago, while I was on that '30-Day Faith Detox', I told myself that I was finally tired of being overweight. I even insisted that I have NEVER felt that way in all my twenty-eight years of struggling with my weight. I thought that by wearing a variety of veggies and fruits that would do the trick. Then I decided to step my game up and buy containers so that I could have pre-prepared meals. So I went out and spent a hot $20 on the containers, washed them up and told myself, this was it. Was it? Uh-no (in my Damon Wayans voice)! Those containers are still on my top shelf, lookin'-like-they-lookin'. Though I did complete the 30 days, I failed to prepare my meals so as to avoid having to write this post today. 

What I'm starting to see, is that when it comes to losing weight, we all tend to make excuses. 'If I could afford to go to the gym', 'If I had a treadmill', 'I need a juicer and a food processor', or 'I need to prepare my meals.' It's always some-thing or some-body else that will make our weight loss dreams come true. I even went so far as to tell myself that I was waiting on my future husband to be my personal trainer because I wanted us to be like those couples doing they thang as they worked out together. Well, let me be 100 when I tell you that may not happen. Seeing as I've not been on a date in over 15 years. Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell y'all that I've been celibate for the past 5,475 days. So me saying that I'm waiting on my baby is prolly an excuse. Because at the end of the day, no container, appliance, membership, or trainer can help me lose this weight. These 235 lbs are all on me.

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