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The Ugliness of Impatience

As a Customer Care Associate for one of the world’s foremost luxury specialty department stores, I have the privilege of interacting with all types of personalities. On today, I encountered the nasty. I answered the call by politely saying, 'Thank you for calling. My name is Staci. Please hold.' To which I was met with a deep sigh, followed by a loud, 'What’s going on?’ I proceeded to take her order but she provided the wrong number for her item. I informed her that particular item did not come in the size she requested, to which she adamantly disagreed. I advised her that I’d locate the perfect size and as I searched, she continued to sigh and bark a few OMG’s. The hood chick in me wanted to spit box with this broad. But because I’m a woman of God, I ignored her verbal blows. But it seemed the more I ignored her, the more she wreaked of nastiness. And even though I am a child of God, the more she sighed, the slower my fingers became. I had to literally remind myself that I couldn’t do her that way, even though her nasty attitude warranted it.

At the end of the call, I informed her that she’d receive her Order Summary via email, but that I could provide her with the Order Confirmation Number if she’d like. In that moment, it felt like she wanted to puke. In that she was disgusted and almost in disbelief with how kind I’d been. But instead of saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll take it.’ She shouted, ‘Oh, just forget it!’ To which, I immediately thanked her for shopping and ended the call. As I shook my head, instantly the Holy Spirit showed me myself and hopefully, you’ll see you. When we’re anxious, upset, and worried that God isn’t moving fast enough or that God isn’t getting our orders right, do we too become ugly, rude, and impatient? And in those moments, could it be that God shakes His mighty head and says, ‘Just for that, I’mma make you wait!’ Am I saying God does that? No. But what I am saying, is that what if your impatience does cause forces to delay and prolong your blessing? Think about that the next time you get attitudinal in the drive through, at the mall, or while waiting on your prayers to be answered.

Pray this with me: Heavenly Father, please forgive me. I’ve been deliberately ugly, intentionally nasty and have been complaining quite a bit. Lord, I ask You to forgive me for my impatience. In Jesus’ name.

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