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The Voice of Money

I was having a talk with my son this morning, and he was explaining how he'd finally gotten to the point where he could go out with his father. Whereas before, he felt he'd be dismissive and too disrespectful. His father is an old school, Cali type player that still speaks pimpinese. Not that he's not a good guy, because he is. He's considerate, a home body, and a great cook. He just wasn't good for me. Inasmuch, he was saying that he finally hears him as a man.

Mind you, my son just turned 30 in February. So instead of being Lil Money, he's Big Money now. And yes, my son's nickname is Money. Sorry, but I wasn't saved then. :) Anywho, I told him that over the last year, his money had done all the talking to which he didn't understand, so I explained.

You see, his father is on social security disability and has been for much of my son's adult life. That said, there were times when he had more month than money to which Money would wire what he needed. He'd even pay for his prescriptions and have groceries delivered to his home. I told him over time, his wallet was did the talking.

Now when he speaks, his father listens because his cash said things that his mouth couldn't.