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The Why Behind My Cereal Addiction

In my last post, I shamelessly shared my cereal addiction with you. Thankfully, the same day, I had a major breakthrough. You see, a couple of years back, I purchased Laura Harris Smith's, 'The 30-Day Faith Detox: Renew Your Mind, Cleanse Your Body, Heal Your Spirit'. As you already know, I never finished the book, but was led to start reading it again. As I did, I realized, what better way for the enemy to attack me than to use food. I mean think of it. What better way to get access into my body, head, and heart than byway of cereal. Something that I'd convinced myself was actually healthy. Hence, the wheat and milk.

But as I read her book, I realized that the wheat isn't healthy at all. In fact, its so refined that the nutritious parts, such as the germ and bran, are extracted and the milk, that I've believed was 'good for me', actually comes from cows injected with hormones and antibodies. Thus, the milk I've been drinking all my life is actually from cows that were so sick, they had to be injected with antibodies. Thus, I've been eating overly processed wheat soaked in sick cows milk. Ugh! It was at that point that I realized I'd enabled the enemy of my soul to come into my life byway of the food I loved the most.

But not only that, but she went on to point out that it has been scientifically proven that, 'what you eat affects what you think' which is the sole purpose of her book because she pointed out that, 'if it can be proven biblically that what you think affects your faith, then it can be said that what you are eating is currently affecting your faith', which means, 'at this very moment', I could, 'be chemically driving myself toward doubt', discouragement, disappointment, depression, and the like; simply by what I've consumed. Wow! And here I thought I was just a cereal enthusiast, or frugal, at best. Unbeknownst to me, that what I've been eating has not only been the reason I'm so thick, but has physiologically impacted the reason why I eat.

And here I was thinking that this was just a 24-hour fast to help me stop eating so much cereal.  Now I'm beginning to see that it's so much more. Stay with me thick chicks. Because as I go so do you so take some time to identify your cereal of choice. What food has followed you from your youth into your here and now? Once you identify it, know that that's where the enemy is going to attack. Once you determine what it is, consider going on a fast and pray that God deliver you from it. Because within that one food lies an answer to your battle of the bulge.

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SOURCE: Laura Harris Smith, 'The 30-Day Faith Detox'. 2016. Chosen Books.

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